About Us

The Utah Unicycling Society's primary goal is to educate others about the art of unicycling. Our primary location is in Park City UT, although we allow all residents of Utah to join. We unicycle for the enjoyment of unicycling, not for any other reason. We feel that unicycling brings people together.

Join Us

Today, millions of people are realizing that unicycling is great. Join or follow the Utah Unicycling Society, and become a better unicyler today. In order to have more fun unicycling, we need you to join. All ages, and all Utah residents are welcome to join for free.

Find Us

The Utah Unicycling Society can be found on different social media sites. When you see us, make sure you follow, and like all our pictures/videos. Remember, one like is one hug, one good job, and one nice thing to do.